asa Nema Mount Cooler Series

Nema Mount Cooler Series

This series is easy to install on back NEMA standard motors to utilize the motor’s fan to cool any fluid circuit. The 3 different sizes of radiators are all equipped with the patented asa rail system, making the system even more flexible and easier to install than conventional NEMA mount systems.

asa 12 Series - ILLEC1290

12 Series

The 12 Series radiators are very successful in the market with a high recommendation through various applications and branches. The plate an bar design with its proven quality are built to the same standards as on our other standard range coolers.


MAC Series

he new MAC series unites the most important requirements of a mobile cooling system in a very cost efficient way with sufficient and proven quality. We offer 5 different radiator sizes with various fan motor options. Gain from our nearly 40 years of experience for mobile hydraulics and contact us for detailed information.


GT Protection

The H-Protect Series (former GT series) is a ready mounted cooler package, which includes a cooler, protection housing, mounted rail connectors and the ready wired electronic temperature control. The standard cooler sizes TT 07, 11 and 16 are available with this configuration.